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Hiatus Haikus and a Cry for Help

I’ve been hard at work for the last few months finishing up the first draft (well the first draft of the second version) of Under the Willow Root. Now that it’s done and in the hands of my trusty alpha readers, I find myself all but crushed under the now-inescapable ennui of adult life. Seriously, whose idea was it to grow up and pay bills and do laundry and dishes and routinely almost kill potted plants?  Oh, wait…it was mine. In all honesty you couldn’t pay me to go back to being a kid. I love being an adult. I love making my own decisions and my own life. But, as I also sometimes love whining about it, here are some sad yet hopefully entertaining haikus illustrating the many woes of adulthood.


Regret is choosing

A Kit Kat over Snickers

Hindsight is cruel.


Five minutes remain

Fifteen percent battery

Dirty, hateful lies


So responsible.

So kind and benevolent

To clean the cat box.


Bloated, fat, gurgling

Stomach heaving, churning, yet

The brie calls my name.


A dark cloud hovers

Oppressive, looming, hanging

Over my dishes.


Folded fitted sheets

Unravel; like Sisyphus

I begin again.


So there you have it: a foggy, dismal window into my current mental state. I need something to write about but all that comes to mind are bad haikus. What do you guys want to read about? Somebody give me an assignment! Otherwise I might have to resort to writing about grammar.

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  1. I’m always working on multiple projects, so I rarely find myself without a project to work on. However, there are so many amazing writing prompt resources out there, I recommend googling some and just writing something for fun. Maybe try writing a flash fiction (500 words or less). Or a drabble (100 words or less). Write about the doomed adventures of a soap bubble, or a tree’s thoughts on why the seasons change… Just pick something and try it for the fun of it. 🙂

  2. More Haikus! and a poem or two… it’s time for poems!

  3. Janet Janet

    I like your haikus! And here’s a suggestion for something to write about: I just read (in the first of Four Arthurian Romances by Chretien De Troyes, found in my eReader) that King Arthur had a son I never heard of before- he his mentioned as “a young man of great merit, Loholt the son of King Arthur” on pg 77. Perhaps his story merits telling?

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