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Current Projects

A Garden of Light and Shadows: 

Sasha Chantry has always known that she would be a dancer, just like her grandmother. But when her beloved Baba Nadia dies, a host of disturbing visions and other neurological symptoms begin to threaten Sasha’s dancing career and her very life. As her mind and body weaken, Sasha falls deeper into Kingsgarden, the glittering but dangerous world of her nightmares, where she has been sold as a thrall: a mute and mindless source of magical power to be used—or abused—by wealthy citizens. 

When the nightmare doesn’t end, Sasha finds herself trapped in Kingsgarden. Under the eyes of her suspicious owners and the corrupt House of Light and Shadow which first enslaved her, Sasha fights to win her freedom and find her way home. She isn’t certain if Kingsgarden is a real place or a construct of her fractured mind, but this distinction seems less important than her plans for escape—until the moment she realizes that “home” isn’t necessarily where she thought it was. Torn apart by conflicting bonds of love and obligation, Sasha must now decide once and for all if the line between reality and madness is as important, or as fixed, as one might think. 

Previously titled Under the Willow Root  (and, let’s be real, it might change again), this is my first original novel. I’m currently in the process of finding an agent, and I’m happy to report that there was a pretty good amount of interest after the first round of submissions! I’ve sent off the manuscript and now I just have to sit tight and wait…and try not to bite my fingernails too much.


The Gatekeepers (Working Title):

Ember Beaumont has everything she could want in life: loving, though adoptive, parents, a good education, and all the opportunity and potential that comes with both those things. She never asked for any of it to change, but when something strange and powerful wakes in her blood, she has no choice but to leave her perfect life behind or watch it crumble before her eyes. Guided by a mysterious stranger who calls herself the Gatekeeper, Ember enters a world of magic and shifting loyalties, where opposing factions vie for control of the wards between their world and our own. Ember herself is the key to those wards, and whoever holds Ember holds the power to maintain or destroy the barrier that keeps magic safely contained. Ember must choose a side before the choice is taken from her–and then she must live with the consequences of her choice.

I’m in the very early stages of outlining and planning my next novel, but I’m excited to see where this goes! I’m thinking it’ll be at least a duology, but of course it’s difficult to say how things will pan out. Stay tuned for updates and excerpts as I start to dig in!


Magissa (Working Title):

The young daughter of a village wisewoman observes the horrors of war in Nazi occupied Greece. 

This is a short story I’m working on and plan to submit to lit mags in the next month or two. The idea has been bubbling for quite a while, and for a time I thought it was going to be a novel. But I think the essential points can be conveyed in a short story with more punch and immediacy. A lot of what happens in the story is inspired by real events from my grandmother’s life, and I just hope I can do it justice.